Infinite Relating

Mind-Blowing Sex and More Connected Relationship in 90 Days or Less

Infinite Relating Founder: Tazima Davis

tazima1.ORP-2013-webTazima Davis is a sex nerd. Since 1999, she has studied everything regarding sex and relationships she could get her hands on; and she has been conducting her own private sex and relationship research since she was *cough*teen years old. Tazima is on a personal mission to make sex a regular conversation that can be held at the same vocal volume one would use to gush about their new favorite shampoo.

Prior to her current work, Tazima spent 8 years in food safety and food policy, 8 years as a Holistic Health Coach, and 9 years as a yoga teacher. In 2008, Tazima’s private coaching practice shifted from food and fitness toward sex and relationship. Since 2013, she has hosted, taught, or spoken at over 75 events, talks, and workshops. Tazima currently coaches and teaches in cities across the country including New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Tazima Davis helps committed couples who are struggling with having consistently connected sex, these couples also want more intimacy and better communication. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Food Science from the University of Illinois.Tazima is a Certified Holistic Health coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition), an Intrinsic Coach (ISINTL, Totally Coached, Inc.), and a certified Orgasmic Meditation (OM) Trainer and Coach (OneTaste, Inc.). She is currently studying for a masters degree in Transformational Coaching and Leadership at the Wright Graduate University.

Tazima’s deepest desire is to bring about world peace through happy pussies. Yes, it might sound a little crazy, but think about it… more happy pussies = more happy women attached to those pussies = more happy people everywhere. When things are going well in the bedroom, people wake up from that good sleep after good loving in the context of a connected, nourishing home life, and they are more likely to take that well-being with them. That love and warmth spread person-to-person and the next thing you know people are calling off international conflicts. It’s just that simple, people. (That is, perhaps, the world’s shortest manifesto.)

A while ago, Tazima Davis was born in Georgetown, Guyana. Her family raised her in Chicago and she’s been flirting with American cities since 2005 to see which one can satisfy her eclectic tastes. Right now, San Francisco and Chicago are in a tug of war for her affections. Tazima’s besties know that she is also a food nerd, a yoga nerd, and a sci-fi (NOT fantasy) nerd. She is secretly a total gear-head and loves geeking out about, riding, and driving fast machines.