Infinite Relating

Mind-Blowing Sex and More Connected Relationship in 90 Days or Less



My name is Tazima Davis and I am passionate about helping committed couples who are struggling with having consistent quality sex, connection, and intimacy their partnership.

What I find is that these couples often have trouble navigating difficult conversations and end up having little things trigger them into more difficult conversations. What they really want is more intimacy and better communication so they can build the best years of their lives together.

I hear from women and men nationwide, that they want better communication and they want to experience more sexual satisfaction in their relationships. The more people are happy and feeling satisfied in their relationships, the more everyone around them benefits.

Getting these concerns handled isn’t for everyone. If you are NOT getting the quantity or quality sex you want, I want to connect with you. If you are feeling frustrated, angry, sad, or hurt because you are NOT having the intimacy you want and you don’t know how to get it or even talk about it, I want to hear from you.  If you have gotten up the nerve to bring up the challenges you are having and the conversation set off a chain reaction of triggers, let’s talk. If you are READY to co-create lasting change for the better, read on.

I am totally committed to you having a breakthrough in your relationship. If you’re ready, click here to schedule a 15-minute initial chat. This time is absolutely complimentary and will help me learn a little about your situation so I may recommend next steps so that you can have more connection, intimacy, and understanding sooner (rather than later).

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